What do musicians do when they get together? Usually they play music.

If they are not too busy coming up with their own renditions, they usually pass the time playing other artists' music that resonates with their likes.

We are no different. And while we are making the tracks below available here there are a couple of things that must be kept in mind: 1) The tracks below are not ours, they have been recorded as practice sessions. 2) Because of the above, altough we are providing our own renditions of those musical scores here, we have purposely dropped the quality of the musical track used so that the idea can still be heard, but it can be understood it is a cover of a song and it that it was done as practice, nothing more.

Why do we include these here? We love these songs. Whether old or new, each means something to one or all of us, and we feel we have done some justice to the track in one way or another.

If you like our covers please feel free to let us know. But more importantly we hope you enjoy our original tracks.

Here is a list of our covers: