Insignia is mostly a heavy music project based out of the Toronto, Canada area. However, we have been known for having produced music in other styles also.

We have been making music on the on and off basis for years, and music is our hobbie not our livelihood. As a result we all have jobs with tight deadlines and busy schedules, and if we do manage to set some time aside to make some music, we do it out of passion and love for what we do, and we do not actively seek to obtain monetary gain or fame from it.

The current line up for INSIGNIA is as follows:

Carlos Vides - Vocals
Oscar Azahar - Saxophone
Joaquin Arcila - Bass
Tom "The Ghost" Campos - Guitars/Drums/Production

We all contribute original material to our own penned music, so in a sense we are all composers. The main lyricist, so far, is our vocalist. But as things progress that may also change.

To hear sound samples of the current Insignia recordings click on any of our music sections.

Please feel free to contact Insignia at the following e-mail address: